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[Application field of polypropylene industrial silk]
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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of contemporary science and continuous expansion in the field of industrial textiles,  polypropylene industrial silk is widely used in the following industries in the following industries:

The  polypropylene industrial silk product itself has the characteristics of anti-aging, acid and alkali, hot absorption and specific gravity (0.91), high breaking strength, low elongation, no pollution, and polypropylene industrial wire is widely used in fire water belt, sling , Seat belt, conveyor belt, woven geotextile, industrial line, cable, industrial filter cloth, etc.

(1) Line

The  polypropylene industrial silk made of polypropylene industrial wire, due to its low price, high strength, anti-aging, wear resistance, sea water corrosion, good elasticity, etc., polypropylene is mainly used in woven bag sewing, football, volleyball, baseball, Yoo line, cable line, net metal wire, shoe material line, box line, kite line, strand, waste edge, container bag special line, sewing thread, bundle line, curtain line, building line, engineering Line, web line, toy line, umbrella line, optical cable bypassing the cable, fishing net lines and other industries.

(2) rope network

Cable and architecture, transportation, agriculture, fisheries, sports activities made of polypropylene industrial wire, have high breaking strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and light weight.

(3) Belt

Using the high strength, color, fault intensity of polypropylene, high-strength, fast-breaking strength, can be made into a flexible container, seat belt, high-pressure fire water belt and agricultural water belt such as safety factor required for safety factors.

The  polypropylene industrial silk is relatively easy to obtain and cheap, so the general  polypropylene industrial silk is a good material, which is ideal for making many products.

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