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[Polypropylene industrial silk is very suitable for making fiber products]
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Polypropylene industrial silk is very suitable for making fiber products, such products include ropes, carpets, upholstery, clothes and so on.

The important characteristics of polypropylene industrial silk are as follows:

1. Chemical resistance: diluted alkali and acid do not react with PP.

2. Elasticity and toughness: PP is elastic within a certain range of deflection, and will undergo plastic deformation without cracking in the early stage of deformation, so it is usually considered as a "tough" material.

3. Fatigue resistance: PP retains its shape after a lot of twisting and bending.

4. Insulation: PP material has high resistance and is an insulating material.

5. Transmittance: It can be made into transparent color, but it is usually made into natural opaque color with a certain color transmittance.

Polypropylene industrial silk is relatively easy to obtain and cheap, so in general, polypropylene industrial silk is a good material and an ideal choice for making many products.

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