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[Cable made of high-strength polypropylene wire]
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Because of its low price, high strength, anti-aging, wear resistance, seawater corrosion resistance, and good elasticity, high-strength polypropylene wire is mainly used in woven bag sewing, football, volleyball, baseball, yo-yo, cable, etc. Netting thread, shoe material thread, luggage thread, kite thread, twisted edge thread, waste edge thread, special thread for container bag, sewing thread, banknote binding thread, curtain thread, construction thread, engineering thread, ribbon thread, toy thread, umbrella Rope, optical cable winding wire, fishing net wire and other industries.

High-strength polypropylene wire rope is a newly developed marine rope in the range of polyene. It is mainly characterized by light specific gravity, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, soft use and lightness. However, while this cable has the above advantages, it also has the disadvantages of low tensile strength in use and unsuitable for use at high temperatures. The production process of the existing polypropylene network silk cable is raw material - drawing - twisting - plying - rope making.

In view of the shortcomings of the high-strength polypropylene wire, after sufficient research and analysis, it is believed that the main reason for the low tensile strength of the cable made of the existing inner fiber network yarn is the twisting stage. Since the monofilaments are merged in any state, the monofilaments are bent and the force is uneven. After the product is made, the force of the strands appears uneven, which invisibly reduces the tensile strength of the rope.

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