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[The price of raw materials has plummeted. Where will the market go?]
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This year's polyester filament has not risen very well, and the rising cost of raw materials has caused the price of raw materials to continue to rise. However, when all raw materials are rising, one raw material has silently doubled.

"I haven't paid much attention to spandex recently, but two days ago, everyone said that spandex fell in a mess, and actually said that it fell by nearly 15,000 yuan within a month..." said a textile boss.

At this time last year, the price of spandex was soaring. Taking 30D spandex as an example, it once reached as high as 90,000 yuan/ton. Since the epidemic at the end of 2020, spandex has been rising like "opening". You must know its price before this. There will be few changes, the earliest price of 30D spandex is only 30,000 yuan / ton. It's a world apart from the current price.

However, since the beginning of this year to the present, the price of spandex has begun to drop rapidly. The current price has dropped by about 15,000 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the year. The current price of 30D spandex is 50,000 yuan/ton. Although it cannot be compared with the lowest value, it is relatively high. The time has fallen a lot. Do you think the textile people can bear such "ups and downs"?

Capacity goes up, demand goes down

Since last year, due to the epidemic, the demand for other fabrics other than elastic fabrics in the market has become less impressive, and elastic fabrics "thriving", swept the hot-selling list of the entire market, and it was from that time At the beginning, the price of spandex began to rise. September last year was also the traditional peak season of the textile market. The popularity of elastic fabrics became even hotter, and the price of spandex also skyrocketed to the peak of more than 90,000 yuan/ton (take 30D as an example), so The price is really daunting for textile bosses.

However, the soaring price of spandex is not all due to demand. In fact, many manufacturers have hype factors. The number of domestic spandex manufacturers is relatively small, which cannot be compared with raw materials such as polyester. The amount of spandex raw materials used in fabrics is compared. The less may be 10%-20%. If you want to say that the demand is really large, the editor thinks that there is no need to force it. The price increase is not necessarily because of the demand, maybe because of the low output, which is exactly the same last year. The production capacity of spandex has begun to increase, but the production capacity has not been increased yet, the demand has dropped, and the price has dropped all of a sudden.

This year's textile market may be due to the epidemic. Basically, all fabrics are in poor demand. Even the elastic fabrics that dominate the market have "disappeared". The production capacity has increased, but unfortunately the demand has dropped. It has dropped by 15,000 yuan / ton, and the price will definitely continue to be reduced in the later period.

Spandex is not happy to stock up

When it comes to stockpiling, common raw materials like polyester can be stockpiled when they are cheap. When the price of raw materials rises, selling cheap grey fabrics can make a lot of money. Last year, spandex rose to such a level, which most textile people did not expect. At this time, some textile people were annoyed: knowing that it has risen like this, hoard a little to sell it, which can make more money than selling cloth.

If the fabric containing spandex is stored for a long time, the spandex yarn will break, so the spandex raw material will not be stored for a long time like conventional raw materials. The storage conditions of fabrics are relatively strict, and a series of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity must be considered. For the textile bosses of spandex fabrics, there is not much inventory. In addition, the amount of spandex yarn in the fabric is very small, so there is no need to buy it on demand. Stocking up is necessary.

Although the price of crude oil is very high, and the cost-side factor has caused the price of raw materials to rise, the market has entered the off-season, and the popularity of elastic fabrics will only decrease. Coupled with the increase in the production capacity of spandex, the raw materials of spandex may fall again in the later period.

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