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[What is twisted polypropylene high strengthwire]
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Polypropylene has good chemical resistance. Except for concentrated nitric acid and concentrated caustic soda, polypropylene high-strength wire has good resistance to acid and alkali, so it is suitable for use as filter material and packaging material. Light fastness, etc. His light fastness is poor, thermal stability is also poor, easy to age, not resistant to ironing.

Polypropylene high strength wire has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity, wear resistance, light weight, high strength, acid and alkali resistance, low thermal conductivity, low thermal shrinkage rate, low static electricity accumulation and almost no moisture absorption. , cord fabrics, safety belts, conveyor belts, luggage belts, hoses, ropes, safety nets and other industrial yarns are widely used, and it is a new environmentally friendly chemical fiber material that partially replaces nylon and polyester.

Twisting is a process of winding raw silk into a thread. A thread consists of 24 threads. The 24 threads must be intertwined to make the thread stronger and more delicate. The cloth is relatively tight, with good drape and good fastness. If there is no twisting, there is no threading, the silk and the silk are not intertwined, the cloth surface is loose, the drape is poor, and the fastness is poor.

Twist cannot be used to compare the degree of twist in yarns of different thicknesses, because with the same twist, the fibers of a thicker sliver are skewed more than a finer sliver. In actual production, the twist coefficient is often used to express the twist degree of the yarn.

The twist coefficient is a relative value that expresses the twist degree of the yarn in combination with the linear density, and can be used to compare the twist degree of different thicknesses of yarns. The twist factor can be calculated from the twist of the yarn and the linear density of the yarn.

After twisting, the length of the yarn is shortened due to the inclination of the fibers, resulting in twist shrinkage. The size of the twist shrinkage is usually expressed by the twist shrinkage rate, that is, the percentage of the difference in the length of the sliver before and after twisting to the length before twisting.

The size of the twist shrinkage directly affects the linear density and twist of the spun yarn, which must be considered in the design of the spinning and twisting process. The twist shrinkage of cotton yarn is generally 2% to 3%. The size of the twist shrinkage is not only related to the twist coefficient, but also related to factors such as spinning tension, workshop temperature and humidity, and yarn thickness.

Main uses of twisted polypropylene high-strength wire: twisted high-strength polypropylene yarn is mainly used in various filter cloths, industrial pads, geotextiles, slings, cables, communication cables, etc. It has anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, light weight and wear resistance , low thermal conductivity, seawater corrosion resistance, no moisture absorption, good stability and so on.

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