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[ Create a one-stop "spot" supply Putrajaya successfully settled in Hangzhou]
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In order to help textile enterprises better connect with the downstream garment industry, recently, the Putrajaya Fabric Pavilion, jointly built by more than 50 local textile enterprises in China Textile City, opened in Hangzhou Jianfeng Fine Fabrics City.

On the opening site, the opening ceremony of the first international fabric fashion week of Jianfeng-Bujing-Puta Industry Strategic Planning" professional lectures and other activities have attracted a large number of fashion buyers and clothing industry professionals to visit.

Textile spot is the strength of the fabric market in China Textile City. How to help enterprises to accurately push the most cutting-edge spot information to customers, revitalize "spot" resources, and at the same time provide high-quality fabric supply resources for clothing enterprises and designers, break the predicament of stagnant trade under the epidemic, and find textile transactions A new breakthrough?

Putrajaya provides a one-stop solution for the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. According to Lin Chengxing, chairman of Putrajaya, Putrajaya Fabrics Center has established a complete logistics and financial service team in the two textile clusters of Keqiao and Guangzhou. At present, it has been able to provide 24-hour sample delivery and 24-hour door-to-door service. With the business philosophy of "novel style, excellent quality, professional service, fast and efficient, and reliable after-sales", Putrajaya aims to gather high-quality textile enterprises in China Textile City, gather the most cutting-edge fashion trends, focus on spot products, and use fabrics The location of the museum shortens the distance between supply and demand, and provides fashionable, high-quality and cost-effective spot fabrics for many clothing brands and designers in the Hangzhou clothing industry cluster.

According to reports, the Putrajaya Fabric Pavilion is jointly built by enterprises with strong product R&D strength and production capacity. At present, it has attracted well-known textile enterprises in China Textile City such as Xinsheng, Wei Teng, Sanliu, Today Flower, and Yiwan Cloth. Since the trial operation for 2 months, the Putrajaya Fabric Pavilion has held a number of "designer salons" and "fabric product promotion conferences". The number of brand clothing designers and fabric buyers who participated in the conference reached tens of thousands. Enterprises and apparel companies provide a large number of real-time, effective connections.

Lu Chuangen, chairman of Jianfeng Fine Fabrics City, told reporters that Hangzhou Jianfeng Fine Fabrics City, where the Putrajaya Fabrics Museum settled, is located in the core area of Hangzhou's garment industry, and has always maintained close cooperation with Hangzhou Fashion Designers Association. The Putrajaya Fabric Museum is located on the first floor of Jianfeng Fine Fabrics City. It is closely connected with the major clothing markets around Hangzhou Sijiqing, which can effectively radiate Hangzhou and even the wider clothing industry chain. It will rely on the developed e-commerce in the Yangtze River Delta. The industry burst out with stronger vitality and impetus.

"Putrajaya represents a city that shares the same fabric as everyone else, looking forward to a global dream!" Lin Chengxing said, Putrajaya Fabric Museum expects more powerful enterprises to join in and jointly create more alliances that bring together high-quality products The fabric exhibition hall will make the direct supply source from high-quality manufacturers come alive in 'laying in the warehouse', with first-hand prices and one-stop service, to better serve the Hangzhou garment industry chain and achieve a higher quality integration for the Yangtze River Delta region. Contribute to the development of textile city.

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