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[Shaoxing power hair "money"! The more electricity the textile printing and dyeing enterprises use, the more incentives they will receive]
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"In 2020, we got about 600,000 yuan in electricity subsidies, and last year we got even more, 2 million yuan. The government tries every year to help us stabilize production and growth. This year, we will continue to work hard to increase production and income, and strive to get the electricity bill 'red envelope' again." Recently, Shaoxing Huamao chemical fiber Co., LTD. Office Director Wei Mingliang learned from Keqiao power supply sub-bureau that the district government will again issue "enterprise electricity consumption coupons" for industrial enterprises, very happy, and expressed confidence.

Keqiao is known as the "international textile capital", but after the epidemic hit, the production and sales of enterprises were more or less affected. As early as 2020, Keqiao District was the first to promote electricity consumption "consumption coupons" in the province. For the regulated industrial enterprises whose tax sales increased by more than 10% month on month, they were given subsidies of up to 30% for the part of monthly electricity consumption growth, which were directly recharged into the enterprise electricity account in the form of "consumption coupons". That year, 925 regulated industrial enterprises received a total of 24.76 million yuan of electricity dividends. Last year, the policy continued to be issued, and a total of 320 regulated industrial enterprises were granted power subsidies of 33.02 million yuan.

At present, the impact of the epidemic on production and life is still continuing. Not long ago, Keqiao District issued a package of 49 policies and measures in 8 aspects to stabilize the economy. Among them, in the "policy of ensuring the stability of industrial chain and supply chain", "enterprise electricity consumption coupons" appeared again. This time, the vitality of the sales end and production end of the enterprise will continue to be used as the basis for subsidies. For industrial enterprises whose sales increase by more than 10% month-on-month, 30% subsidy can be given to the part of the month-on-month increase in electricity charge. "In other words, the more electricity we use, the more incentives we get. This is also a fire in the fire for the enterprise." Keqiao power supply branch relevant person in charge of introduction.

Economic development, electric power first. It is precisely by using this key "hard index" that the issuance of electricity consumption coupons stimulates the high-quality development momentum of enterprises and boosts the vitality of the industrial economy. "In recent years, with the support of various government policies, our enterprises have shown a steady development trend. The electricity consumption in the first half of this year has increased compared with the same period in the previous two years. The timely implementation of 'electricity consumption coupons' not only helps us reduce costs and burdens, but also boosts our confidence in development." Wei Mingliang get feeling full to say.

The policy of "precise drip irrigation" has encouraged more Keqiao enterprises to boost production, expand the market and expand the scale.

As a service "pioneers" of economic development, take the initiative to establish their duties KeQiao power supply bureau, keeping track of corporate data, provide customized power of "one enterprise with one policy" service measures, such as sales data, the electricity data continuous decline in enterprise, arrange special forces into the production workshop, job site to carry out the guidance, help lock optimum utilization mode, Reduce electricity costs. At the same time, the branch also assists textile printing and dyeing enterprises to explore the path of green development and transformation, carries out "energy examination" for them, and puts forward suggestions on energy efficiency improvement in the aspects of production process optimization and equipment optimization, so as to improve energy utilization efficiency and wake up the "new vitality" of green development of enterprises. "Next, we will effectively help enterprises to rescue the real efforts, practical measures, continue to optimize the business environment, actively accelerate the policy payment, help enterprises glow with new vitality, to create a modern 'international textile capital, Hangshao star City' to contribute more power." Keqiao power supply branch relevant person in charge of introduction.

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