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[What are its highlights? Why is polypropylene high strength yarn loved by everyone?]
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Why is polypropylene high strength yarn loved by everyone?

First of all, we need to know what is polypropylene high strength wire, polypropylene high strength wire is the breaking strength is greater than 6cN/ DTEX polypropylene complex wire. It has the characteristics of low relative density, low hygroscopicity, high strength, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and low thermal conductivity. Can use two - step method and one - step method Wat silk process. The fracture strength of the silk prepared by the two-step process is high, reaching 6~8cN/dtex. The strength of the silk prepared by the one-step process is about 5~7cN/ Dex, but the energy consumption is low.

Polypropylene high-STRENGTH YARN is an important fiber raw material for industrial textiles. It is used for high-speed sewing thread, luggage belt, sports goods sling, geotextile, rope, net and fishing tackle.

The high strength and impact resistance of polypropylene high strength wire as well as its flexibility and chemical resistance make it a very competitive variety. In addition, it has low investment in production equipment, cheap raw materials, less energy consumption, less environmental pollution, has obvious technical and economic advantages.

Fiber specific surface area is large, water absorption speed is fast; Good shape, easy to process, products feel soft and not easy to loose, comfortable and convenient to use and so on. The performance of the end product can be adjusted by controlling the mixing ratio between polypropylene high strength wire and other fibers.

The surface friction coefficient of polypropylene high-strength yarn was increased, the fiber strength was moderately reduced, and the pilling problem of polyester fabric was improved. The deep micro hole makes the fabric feel dry and warm, and can obtain washable functional finishing effect and thick dyeing effect.

Polypropylene high strength wire high strength, low density, high quality wear resistance and flexibility, stable chemical properties make it become a strong synthetic fiber, is widely used in all aspects of life.

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