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Recently, Shaoxing Keqiao District textile industry "carbon footprint identification" certification pilot work approved by Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration. According to the requirements, Keqiao District will spend 2 years, with the help of the complete textile manufacturing industry chain, to establish the textile printing and dyeing industry product carbon label certification alliance, to establish a textile industry "carbon footprint identification" certification system that matches the domestic situation and is recognized by international trade.

"Carbon footprint", simply put, is the greenhouse gas emission in the whole life cycle of a product from raw material mining, manufacturing, transportation and use to waste or recycling. The "carbon footprint identification" is the certification of the carbon footprint evaluation. "With this certification system, we will be able to measure and trace carbon emissions at all stages of the product, and achieve more targeted carbon reduction, while also dealing with the international carbon trade barriers in Europe and the United States and other developed countries." Keqiao District market supervision Administration relevant responsible person said.

Zhejiang Baotextile Printing and Dyeing Co., LTD., as a pilot enterprise of chemical fiber fabrics, has carried out the data collection of carbon footprint full life cycle. In the ERP information management system of the company, the energy consumption of gas, water and electricity for each batch of products produced by each equipment has been collected in real time, and the collection scope covers the whole printing and dyeing process such as dyeing, setting and finishing. Through the accumulation of big data, we can calculate the typical carbon footprint of chemical fiber fabric in the printing and dyeing link.

"The data of one enterprise is definitely not enough to support, we will select 9 to 15 representative enterprises in the field of chemical fiber, to form a detailed and reliable basic database." Keqiao District Market Supervision Administration relevant person introduced, on the basis of the integration of international and domestic standards and methods, research and development of Shaoxing textile industry development of carbon footprint accounting local standards, the establishment of "carbon footprint identification" certification system, including certification methods, certification workflow, certification forms.

Different textile fabrics have different certification standards. According to the characteristics of the industrial chain, the "carbon footprint identification" of the textile industry in Keqiao District focuses on the three production links of chemical fiber, weaving and printing and dyeing, which are divided into four fields of chemical fiber, cotton and hemp, silk and clothing. The local standard of "Technical Specification for Product Carbon Footprint Evaluation" has been established one by one. At present, the local standard of "Technical Specification for Product Carbon Footprint Evaluation" of chemical fiber fabrics has been successfully approved. The other three fields are expected to complete the approval of the project in December this year, the standard review will be completed in June next year, and the new standard will be released at the end of next year. At the same time, Keqiao District also plans to establish a digital "carbon footprint identification" system.

"At present, there is no uniform carbon footprint certification model at the national and even the global level. Keqiao's first trial will help Keqiao, which is dominated by textile export, win more initiative in the future global market competition." Keqiao District market supervision Administration responsible person said, in the country "3060" carbon peak, carbon neutral goal, "carbon footprint identification" certification will further guide Keqiao textile printing and dyeing enterprises green production, promote the green development of the textile industry.

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