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[To make excellent textile industry play the forging song of high - quality economic development]
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As a major cotton producing county, Shaya County has continued to deepen the supply-side structural reform, optimized the business environment, increased policy support, precisely assisted enterprises in solving difficulties and developing, focused on improving the level of industrial development, and accelerated the construction of high-quality development pattern of the textile industry since this year.

In the weaving workshop of Aksu Zhenglun Industrial Co., LTD., located in the circular economy Industrial park in Shaya County on Dec. 15, machines rumbled and production lines ran at full capacity. Workers shuttled back and forth between the equipment and carried out assembly line work in an orderly manner according to orders.

The company's deputy general manager Tao Feng told reporters: "At present, there are 297 employees in Zhenglun Industrial Co., Ltd. and 568 air-jet looms have been set up, with a monthly capacity of 5.1 million meters. While maintaining quality and quantity production, we actively develop new varieties and customers. At present, we have established friendly cooperation with Mercury Home Textiles and Luolai Home Textiles, and the order has been signed to the middle of next June. We are actively working on all orders."

Aksu Zhenglun Industry Co., Ltd. is a key investment project in Shaya County. The company plans to cover an area of 240.35 mu, with a total investment of 350 million yuan, construction plant of 65,000 square meters, with 600 high-speed air-jet looms, 3 high-speed extra-wide sizing production lines, mainly producing, processing and selling cotton natural fabric, bedding, textiles and other products. More than 500 jobs have been created.

Tao Feng said, "In 2022, our company's total annual production capacity target of 60 million meters has been exceeded by the end of November, achieving sales revenue of 360 million yuan. At the same time of normal production, we actively promote the construction of Runjiang Home Textile Park, strive to put into production in March next year, after the production can meet 60% of the demand for production yarn, can increase 30 million meters of clothing and home textile printing and dyeing capacity."

Into the production workshop of Shaya County Trustworthy Cotton Textile Co., LTD., workers are producing cotton yarn according to the order, a hot production scene. The company is a textile enterprise specializing in the production of cotton spinning products. The annual processing of raw cotton is 22,000 tons. At present, the company is working at full capacity to ensure the smooth completion of the annual target.

The company's general manager Liu Zhibiao Guasu reporter: "So far production scale annual output of cotton yarn is more than 8000 tons, there are 286 industrial workers, mainly the production of cotton tight spinning based. In the next step, the development of our company is to continue to expand our production capacity, so that our production capacity reaches 120,000 ingot. At the same time, in order to extend the industry chain, we have set up a spinning and weaving workshop. Now the factory is complete, the next step is to purchase equipment. Our current production varieties are mainly tight spinning 40, our product quality has reached 5% of the level of Uster Bulletin, mainly sold to Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions."

Textile industry is not only the traditional industry of Shaya County, but also the most prominent industry with good resource endowment, strong industrial foundation, large growth space and extension chain. At present, textile enterprises (cooperatives) in Shaya County involve cotton yarn production, weaving, clothing, carpet, embroidery and other spinning scale of 1.64 million ingots, and the annual consumption of cotton is more than 150,000 tons. Textile industry has become one of the county's economic and social high - quality development of strategic pillar industries.

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