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Professor Feng Cen from Soochow University gave a keynote speech entitled "Functional Development and Application of filament woven fabric Information System", introducing woven fabric information system, woven fabric data management module, fabric information application analysis module and related extended applications. Filament woven fabric information system is based on the classification of filament fabric, the detailed specification information of different categories of products is input, database is established, and the main interface of the specification information system is designed and programmed, the front and background data are connected, and the basic information of filament fabric specifications can be queried, viewed, added, modified and deleted, and user management can be realized.

Feng Cen said that the fabric data management and application system includes yarn specification database and fabric specification database, with a huge amount of information, which can realize a number of applications and analysis of the corresponding data in the database system, bringing great convenience for specification statistics, product design, application development and so on.

Mr. Xue Zhebin, associate professor of Soochow University, gave a keynote speech entitled "Fashion-driven Fabric Product Development". From the perspective of fashion trends, he elaborated on the various modes of fabric selection of current garment enterprises and designers, which provided new ideas for the product development of chemical filament filament enterprises attending the conference.

Xue introduced in detail the changes in the fashion trends of color, style and fabric in recent years, and made a prediction for 2023. As for the forecast of fashion trend, Xue Zhebin believes that the focus of brand owners in the future will be on "sustainable fashion, smart clothing, virtual fashion" three aspects; The fabric purchasing ideas of clothing enterprises are mainly affected by three factors: main brand concept, product effect and new technology drive.

Ma Xunming, senior Commissioner of Zhejiang Jiahua Special Nylon Co., Ltd. introduced "Development and application of recycled nylon filament". Zhejiang Jiahua Special Nylon Co., Ltd. annual output of all kinds of nylon about 185,000 tons, the main star products are nylon 66, recycled environmental protection nylon, free color brocade, suitable for sports, outdoor, yoga, underwear, home textiles, medical, military and other fields.

The 14th Five-Year Plan points out that China will continue to enhance its green manufacturing capacity and open up a path of sustainable development. In recent years, Jiahua constantly speeds up the research and development of key technologies for recycling waste textiles. The waste silk is classified according to different luster, raw materials, production categories, cleanliness, etc., and then through the process of impurity removal, melt preparation, granulation, drying, high temperature melting, spinning, winding and so on, the recycled nylon PRUECO has been successfully developed.

Du Guohai, R&D director of Business Department of Fujian Xiangxing Textile Technology Co., LTD., gave a presentation entitled "Application Practice of green printing and dyeing Process", introducing three dimensions of green transformation of the company -- energy saving and emission reduction, consumption reduction and efficiency increase; Low carbon environmental protection, health and safety; Ecological safety and environmental friendliness.

Du Guohai said that "using low-carbon technology and reducing carbon footprint" is an important way to achieve carbon neutrality. Xiangxing has adopted a number of green and low-carbon production processes to enhance the green competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, he also explained low temperature pretreatment, chemical fiber fabric dyeing with bath dyeing; Hot melt adhesive instead of traditional oil adhesive; C6/ Fluorine-free waterproofing finish.

Xiangxing strives to be a practitioner of environmentally friendly and green development, and launches C6 and fluorine-free products to replace C8 waterproofing agent products, which not only avoids environmental pollution problems, but also improves product performance.

Moment of glory

After the product research and development exchange, the conference released the award result of "Nitfa Cup" 2022 chemical fiber filament fabric product development excellent technical paper.

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