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[Keqiao fabric enterprises to open up new space for overseas development]
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Dhaka International Fabric and Yarn Exhibition (Winter) -DIFS Winter 2023 (short for "Bangladesh Winter Exhibition"), jointly organized by Textile Sub-Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and CEMS International Exhibition Co., LTD., will be held at Dhaka International Convention Center (ICCB) from March 1st to 4th. Keqiao District Bureau of Commerce organized 28 textile and garment enterprises to the site to explore the market, the beginning of the New Year's work.

In the exhibition, a large number of professional buyers entered to buy, the exhibition hall can be seen everywhere, the booth is full, exhibitors busy to introduce their own fist products to the buyers. Shaoxing Jiachai Printing and Dyeing Co., LTD., which participated in the Bangladesh Winter Exhibition, is a modern enterprise integrating production, dyeing, sales and processing, specializing in the development and production of swimsuit elastic fabric, knitted fabric, printing series and other high-grade fabrics, with an annual output of 170 million meters, and has a provincial research and development center. "This is our first visit to Bangladesh. We have brought a lot of featured fabric exhibits and contacted many interested customers. We hope to sign orders smoothly in the future." Company general manager Chen Xiuhua said.

It is understood that the Bangladesh Winter Exhibition is one of the earliest and largest exhibitions held in Bangladesh. The exhibition exhibits also cover yarn, cotton/wool/silk/hemp/chemical fiber fabrics, knitted fabrics, denim fabrics, lace fabrics, functional fabrics and other accessories.

Egypt is also a country with a long history of traditional textile industry. From March 2nd to 4th, nearly 10 textile and garment enterprises, including Shaoxing Xili Textile Co., Ltd. in our district, participated in Egypt Cairo Textile Expo. "Our business has also received a lot of new interested clients at the Cairos International Convention Center. The textile and garment industry is one of the important industries in Egypt. The Egyptian Textile Exhibition has been held for more than 50 years, which is another gateway for our companies to seize new markets. "District business bureau relevant person said.

This year, in order to help the textile and garment enterprises in our district to open up new space for overseas development, the District Bureau of Commerce actively responded to the "thousands of groups and thousands of enterprises to expand the market and grab orders" action of the province, drew up the catalogue of 2023 domestic and foreign key exhibitions, and defined the plan of "Silk Road and Bridge · Cover the whole world" in 2023, facing the high-end market of Europe and America in the west and countries along the "Belt and Road" in the east. Plan to organize more than 10 exhibitions such as group exhibitions, touring exhibitions, self-organized exhibitions and cloud business exhibitions. In addition, the government has strengthened policies to benefit enterprises, improved the effectiveness of enterprises in helping them, and continued to carry out a special campaign of "10,000 cadres help 10,000 enterprises" to answer their questions in a timely and effective manner according to the needs of enterprises.

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