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On March 15, the 2023 National Textile and Garment Industrial Park Working Conference was held in Sichuan Province with the theme of "Accelerating green transformation to improve quality and efficiency". The conference was hosted by China National Textile Industry Council and hosted by China Textile Association Industrial Park Working Office and Santai County People's Government. Leaders from China National Textile Industry Council, China Finance and Trade Light Textile and Tobacco Union, Department of Consumer Goods Industry of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, as well as leaders and responsible persons from more than 70 urban and county government organizations, more than 40 textile and garment industrial parks, industrial clusters and specialized markets in more than 10 provinces and cities across the country, And brand enterprise representatives, media journalists more than 200 people attended the meeting. At the meeting, China (Guigang) textile and garment fashion New District was awarded the "national textile and garment Industrial park (pilot)" park.

About China (Guigang) textile clothing fashion New District

Guigang Municipal Committee and Municipal government proposed to build a textile and garment fashion new district with high standing, high standards and high pattern, to focus on planning and layout from a high starting point, to make the industry bigger and stronger, and to build China (Guigang) textile and garment fashion New District, to form an industrial cluster with Pingnan County as the development focus and "one core and six parks" as the functional layout.

In 2022, under the severe economic downturn of the textile and garment industry, Pingnan County issued the Implementation Plan of Support and Reward for Textile and Garment Enterprises in Pingnan County to put into production and achieve Efficiency in 2022, giving full support to speed up the production and achieve efficiency of textile and garment enterprises. The construction of China (Guigang) Textile and garment Fashion New District (Pingnan Region) has achieved obvious results. The 15th Global Textile and Garment Supply Chain Conference was held in Pingnan County. Up to now, 255 textile and garment projects have been signed with a contract investment of about 34 billion yuan, and 115 projects have been started. 30 enterprises such as Weilian Textile, Liuling Textile, Siji Textile and Qiyuan Textile have been put into production (including trial production), and 7 enterprises in the park have been integrated.

A core six parks "functional layout:" a core "that is, the town long headquarters core area. The "six parks" include Dacheng Green Ecological Park, Wulin Intelligent Manufacturing Park, Da 'an Tooling Customization Park, Linjiang Brand Innovation Park, Daxin Quality Children's Wear Park and Mulle Leisure sports Park, with an overall planning area of 60.58 square kilometers. The textile and clothing fashion New District is guided by green function dyeing and finishing, supported by scientific and technological textile fabrics, and focused on high-end fashion clothing manufacturing (sports, leisure, outdoor, children's wear, workwear, leisure suits, etc.). It aims to develop the textile and clothing fashion industry of the whole industrial chain, achieve the strategic goal of "laying the foundation in one year, increasing the scale in three years, reaching 100 billion in five years, and doubling it in ten years", and build the national first-class. Internationally famous Guigang textile clothing fashion industry function new area.

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