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[China Industrial Textile Industry Association strives to seek new business opportunities in transformation]
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2023 China industrial textile industry quality enterprise cultivation seminar held in Dieshiqiao Home Textile City. Zhu Meifang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academician of Academy of Sciences of Developing Countries, delivered a keynote speech. Rong Jianying, Executive Vice President of China Federation of Industrial Economics, Li Lingshen, Vice President of China National Textile Industry Council, Zhu Ruilong, Deputy Director of Textile Department of Consumer Goods Industry Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ling Yi, Deputy Mayor and Secretary General of Nantong Municipal Government, Guo Xiaomin, Secretary of District Party Committee, delivered speeches respectively.

Modern home textile industry is Haimen's dominant and people-rich industry. After more than 40 years of cultivation and development, it has formed a world-class whole industrial chain cluster from silk fabric raw materials to printing and dyeing, design, research and development, production, sales, logistics, and gathered a large number of leading enterprises and well-known brands in the home textile industry. The annual output of the whole industrial cluster home textile bed products exceeds 1.2 billion pieces. Home textile products are exported to five continents, more than 130 countries and regions. As the "world's largest, only and highest grade" Dishiqiao International Home Textile City, it has the only home textile bed index release center and home textile fashion trend release base in China, and two national pilot projects of market purchase and trade mode and cross-border e-commerce. The construction of the fourth phase of Dishiqiao, covering 360,000 square meters, is being accelerated. The conference invited leading enterprises and relevant experts and scholars in the textile industry to jointly explore good methods and measures to promote the cultivation of high-quality enterprises in the textile industry, so as to seek a new path of high-quality development and new business opportunities for transformation and upgrading of the textile industry.

In his speech, Guo Xiaomin thanked everyone for their long-term care and support for Haimen's development. After a brief introduction of the economic and social development of Haimen, she said that China's home textiles see Nantong, Samsung "embroidery" products in the world. Here is a hub city with superposition of opportunities, unique geographical advantages, efficient transportation and logistics, and accelerated implementation of strategic projects. A "world home textile city, global fashion center, international business city" integrating industry and city has been ready to emerge, and is becoming a gathering and explosive place of people, logistics and information flow. Here is a city of accelerating rising strength, complete industrial chain, professional market development, complete functional support, pregnant with huge business opportunities. At present, we have established economic and trade exchanges with more than 110 countries and regions. More than 20 state-owned enterprises, more than 700 foreign enterprises and more than 1,200 foreign private enterprises have settled in Haimen. As one of the most dynamic and cutting-edge sectors in the development and opening up of Haimen, Dishiqiao has the first overseas Chinese village in Jiangsu. Promote home textile trade throughout the country and to the world. Here is a pro-business city suitable for living and business. We are committed to providing more powerful policy support, better development environment, more effective enterprise services, to provide domestic and foreign investors with the most suitable soil, the most brilliant sunshine, so that you can invest in Haimen, work well, and live a comfortable life.

Guo Xiaomin said that Haimen, which is at the cusp of The Times, is full of boundless passion, surging innovation and contains huge business opportunities. We sincerely hope that more entrepreneurs and industry elites will join us in this promising stage of entrepreneurship, work diligently and diligently to advance, and join hands to create a better tomorrow.

At the meeting, Hua Shan, director of China Textile Economic Research Center, Li Guimei, president of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, Qian Xiaoming, professor and doctoral supervisor of Textile Science and Engineering College of Tianjin Polytechnic University, Yao Lirong, professor of Textile and Garment College of Nantong University and other experts and scholars and leaders of leading enterprises in the textile industry made keynote speeches.

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