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[How much do you know about split film industrial silk?]
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What is split film industrial silk? Polypropylene fiber cracked film industrial silk commonly known as fishing net silk, it feels soft, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, light weight, small electrostatic effect, cost-effective.

Split film industrial silk manufacturing process is short, high yield, low cost, use polypropylene as raw material. Polypropylene fiber film industrial silk high strength, no water absorption, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, small proportion, can be used as flat line bags, coarse cloth bags, sacks, etc. Marine cables, anchor cables, transport belts, lifting slings and even wire ropes can be made of split film fibers, which are light and strong, and will not be tangled around the anchor.

Where can split film industrial silk be used?

The rubber tire gasket woven with polypropylene split film industrial silk is a polypropylene fabric made of propylene polymerized into propylene polymer compounds, and then spun and woven. It has the advantages of light weight, low moisture absorption rate and small electrostatic effect.

The gasket cloth woven by the split film industrial silk can be used as the industrial cloth, with light weight, high strength, good wear resistance, smooth surface, low moisture absorption and other properties. It is suitable for rolling and isolating of cord fabric. It can also be used as a rubber pad for car tires. High strength polypropylene fiber filter cloth woven with polypropylene split film industrial silk is widely used in environmental protection, mineral processing, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, food and other industries.

Cracked film industrial silk can also be used as carpet base cloth, artificial turf and subgrade. The core layer of mine safety detonators and igniting ropes shall be equipped with black explosives, and the outer layer shall be covered with moisture-proof, wear-resistant, safe and reliable protective layer cloth. The split film fiber fabric has a better effect.

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