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[Innovation and transformation spinning "One yarn"]
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Recently, the reporter entered the Deji high-end Textile Industrial Park in Zhangjiagang, the first phase of the project 10 4-storey standard factory buildings have been completed and delivered, and the first 7 core-spun yarn enterprises have stepped up their equipment approach. "It is expected that the first phase of the park will be put into production in November this year, and the annual output value of the whole park will reach 7 billion yuan after completion." Zhangjiagang core-spun yarn industry Chamber of Commerce president, Zhou Textile Co., LTD. Chairman Zhou Huaping said.

Walking into the exhibition hall on the first floor of the industrial park, the old photos on the wall tell the story of Deji core-spun yarn industry from scratch, from weak to strong in the past 30 years.

Deji Street core-yarn industry started in the early 1990s with an initial annual textile capacity of only 10,000 ingots. Over the years, relying on the innovative development mode of "integration of production, marketing and research" and through continuous independent innovation, the local yarn production enterprises continue to deepen their efforts in the core-spun yarn industry and achieve cluster development.

Now, Deji Street has gathered more than 240 core-yarn manufacturing enterprises, with an industry scale of 3.5 million yarn. The product category has developed from the original single cotton spandex yarn to more than 1,000 varieties of eight categories including spandex core-yarn, imitation rabbit hair yarn, spandex covered yarn, TR/TC, cotton and linen, blended yarn, colored yarn, polyester covered yarn, etc. The annual output of all kinds of core-covered yarn is nearly 700,000 tons, accounting for more than one third of the domestic market share, becoming a veritable "China core-covered yarn city". In 2022, the output value of Dji core-spun yarn industry exceeded 15 billion yuan.

Core-spun yarn industry belongs to the traditional textile industry. In recent years, with the continuous increase of labor costs, enterprise benefits are constantly being spread. In addition, the small and scattered extensive development mode also brings about a series of problems such as low industrial level and more security risks.

In 2021, with the support of the unified planning of Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, Deji Street will relocate an old industrial community within its jurisdiction, and over 20 inefficient and backward enterprises will be evacuated. Besides, it will integrate idle land around and plan to build Deji high-end Textile Industrial Park with a total area of 456 mu.

The project has a total investment of 2 billion yuan and a total construction area of 420,000 square meters. The four-storey standard industrial plants are built according to the needs of core-spun yarn enterprises. The plot ratio of the park reaches 2.4, which not only realizes the intensive and economical utilization of land resources, but also creates an industrial landmark for the transformation and upgrading of the local core-spun yarn industry.

"The Chamber of Commerce will draft and formulate industry standards, establish the entrance threshold of the park, guide the enterprises in the park to accelerate equipment upgrading, increase R&D investment, and promote the development of Dji core-yarn industrial cluster to high-end and high-tech." Li Yajun, vice president of Zhangjiagang core-spun Yarn Industry Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Tianteng Yarn Industry Co., LTD., said that in the future, the park will also build a shared warehouse and a shared testing center, introduce a third-party technical service agency, enlarge the advantages of the cluster, further reduce the production and research and development costs of enterprises entering the park, and improve the ability to prevent risks.

At the same time, Deji Street promotes the local core-yarn enterprises to accelerate the pace of digital industrialization and industry digitalization, actively layout the new track of recycled yarn industry, and seek the smart green transformation.

Hengmei Textile has built a new intelligent production workshop, integrating the three processes of roving, spinning and automatic winding into one, and using 5G technology to simulate, evaluate and optimize the entire production process of the workshop, which greatly improves the efficiency of textile production equipment, product quality and reduces the manufacturing cost.

Golden Red Hawk Textile, in conjunction with Japan's Murata Company, is the world's first vortex spinning core-spinning process. Compared with traditional ring spinning, the process is 70% shorter, the spinning speed is 20 times faster, and the labor is only one-fifth of the original.

Rutian Renewable Resources has launched production-university-research cooperation with Zhejiang University, Donghua University and other universities, increased research and development investment, introduced advanced technology equipment, and realized 100% recycling of old clothing cloth. After the project has been fully completed, the annual output of recycled fiber can exceed 10,000 tons.

At present, more than 58.4% of yarns in Deji Street core-spun yarn industrial cluster are completely recycled and recycled raw materials, with an annual output of nearly 400,000 tons of recycled core-spun yarn, which can reduce carbon emissions of 1,274,900 tons. At the same time, local enterprises have promoted the industrialization application of pre-spinning coloring and other technologies by iterating production equipment and optimizing the manufacturing process, reducing the water consumption of post-dyeing and finishing by 10 million tons and carbon emissions by 42.3 tons annually.

The relevant person in charge of Deji Street said that Deji high-end Textile Industrial Park will set science and technology, green and intelligent, build into a demonstration base of domestic core-spun yarn industry, strive to cultivate 3 to 5 intelligent production enterprises, promote the high-quality development of cluster industry, and continue to polish the beautiful name card of "China's famous core-spun yarn city - Zhangjiagang Deji".

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