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[Improve the efficiency of technological innovation, and promote the green and low-carbon development of the filament weaving industry]
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In order to speed up the construction of a modern textile industrial system and continue to maintain and enhance the competitive advantage of China's filament weaving industry, on September 12, the 2023 China filament weaving Industry Technology Innovation Seminar with the theme of "digital innovation, green empowerment" was held in Wang Jiangjing Town, Jiaxing City.

The meeting was sponsored by the China Filament Weaving Association and the People's Government of Wang Jiangjing Town, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, and is one of the 2023 textile and garment supply promotion activities carried out by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Commerce. The meeting invited relevant experts and scholars and upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to focus on the current development situation of the industry, focusing on the development path of the filament weaving industry, and exchanging and discussing new technologies, new processes and new equipment in green and low-carbon, digital transformation and other aspects.

Cohesion, focus on industrial chain collaborative innovation

Wangjiangjing Town is a famous weaving town in China, and it is also the bridgehead of Jiaxing's integration into the Yangtze River Delta. Chen Zheng, deputy governor of Xiuzhou District People's Government of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, said that in recent years, Wang Jiangjing Town insists on modern textile and smart home dual-wheel drive, accelerates the intelligent transformation of traditional textile enterprises, and creates an international first-class fashion textile advanced manufacturing cluster. In 2022, the industrial output value of the textile industry in Wangjiangjing Town reached 11.58 billion yuan, accounting for 58.8% of the total industrial output value of the town. Among them, the output value of the weaving industry exceeded 8.6 billion yuan, the output value of the printing and dyeing and finishing industry exceeded 1.83 billion yuan, and the output value of the chemical fiber industry exceeded 1.15 billion yuan.

Chen Zheng said that the meeting was held in Wang Jiangjing town, which built a platform for enterprise exchanges and cooperation, and also established a bond for the government and enterprises. Xiuzhou District will also take this meeting as an opportunity to further strengthen industrial chain cooperation, continue to increase technological transformation and research and development efforts, and promote industrial upgrading and product innovation.

At present, the scientific and technological innovation ability of China's textile industry has steadily improved, and it has fully entered into "and run" and "lead" from "follow". Duan Xiaoping, vice president of the China Textile Industry Federation, pointed out that the filament weaving industry is the basic support for the scale advantage of China's textile industry, an important component of the advantages of globalization, an important support for the advantages of intelligence, and an important embodiment of the advantages of intensification. It is not only one of the fastest growing textile industries, but also has made brilliant achievements in technological innovation. The overall innovation capability is constantly breaking through, and the innovation system is gradually improving.

In view of the current industry development situation, Duan Xiaoping pointed out that due to weak external demand and insufficient endogenous power, China's export situation is under pressure, corporate profits are slow to repair, market expectations are unstable and other problems are more prominent, and the basis for sustained economic improvement is still to be consolidated. In the face of the impact of unexpected factors, how to boost confidence, relieve difficulties, and achieve better recovery is an urgent practical problem that needs to be solved.

Duan Xiaoping stressed that the "Action Outline for Building a Textile Modernization Industrial System (2022-2035)" issued by the China Textile Federation describes the strategic blueprint for the high-quality development of the textile industry in the process of Chinese-style modernization. The silk weaving industry must consciously integrate into the construction of the modern textile industrial system and continue to promote the transformation of the industry to the direction of "science and technology, fashion and green". In this regard, he put forward four suggestions: First, strengthen the leadership of science and technology to promote industrial innovation and upgrading; The second is to implement the "double carbon" goal and promote the green development of the industry; Third, accelerate digital innovation and promote industrial transformation and upgrading; Fourth, attach importance to personnel training and promote the construction of industrial personnel.

Longitudinal Ruilong, deputy director of the Textile Department of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, fully affirmed the high-quality development of the textile industry, especially the filament weaving industry. He pointed out that scientific and technological innovation in the textile industry should follow the organic combination of expanding market demand and deepening supply-side structural reform, the organic combination of innovation-driven development and improving the resilience and safety level of the industrial chain and supply chain, the organic combination of ensuring basic people's livelihood and leading the upgrading of consumption, and the organic combination of meeting life consumption and serving the development of various fields. We will organically combine the inheritance of traditional culture with the dissemination of modern fashion, organically combine the improvement of productivity with the promotion of high-quality employment, organically combine the consolidation of domestic industrial advantages with the strengthening of international cooperation and accelerate integration and innovation.

Longitudinal Ruilong stressed that the future textile industry should be led by scientific and technological innovation, and it is necessary to increase innovation drive and consolidate new momentum and new advantages; Cultivate high-end manufacturing and expand the development space of textile; Vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing; Promote green and low-carbon development; Promote the "three products" action, and cultivate more new products, famous products, and excellent products.

"Since 2023, China's economy and society have gradually returned to normal operation, macro policies have been effective, and the internal economic environment is stable." In this context, from January to July, the operating income of China's filament weaving industry increased year-on-year, and the number of exports maintained positive growth." Wang Jiayi, president of China Filament Weaving Association, introduced the current operation of the filament weaving industry, the achievements in digital innovation and green development of the industry since the "14th Five-Year Plan", and put forward suggestions on the next step of technological innovation.

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