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[The 2024 Spring/Summer China International Fashion Week was successfully held]
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On the evening of September 16, the closing ceremony of China International Fashion Week and the China Fashion Award 2023 Awards Ceremony of "Siyun Oriental Blooming Night" were held, bringing the 2024 Spring/Summer China International Fashion Week to a successful end in the colorful autumn.

2023 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of China Fashion Designers Association. On the occasion of the 30th birthday, we will present the Lifetime Achievement Award of China Fashion Designers Association. Congratulations to Du Yuzhou, Zhu Bingchen, Jia Luqiao, Wang Yunqiang, Li Keyu and Yuan Jieying for winning this honor! Congratulations to all the winners! Also sincerely wish every fashion practitioner, together with China International Fashion Week "Yue Yue Sheng Hui", in the future to climb the peak, jointly promote the Chinese fashion industry to walk in the front of the world, and jointly write a gorgeous chapter belonging to Chinese fashion!

The 10-day fashion schedule is full of exciting highlight moments. The theme of this season's China International Fashion Week is "Yue Yue Sheng Hui", with the grand scale and powerful lineup of more than 130 fashion shows, trade exhibitions, fashion forums and other activities, which highly integrates the fashion potential energy of multiple commercial tracks, multiple brand styles and multi-dimensional design circles.

Cultural confidence Chinese traditional elements "always play and always new"

Many "Golden Top Award" designers, China's best/Top 10 fashion designers have extracted inspiration from minority culture, intangible cultural heritage, Chinese history, ancient literature, etc. On the other hand, the new designer brands and the shortlisted brands of the 10+3 SHOWROOM Young Designer Base program are demonstrating the "new tradition" in their eyes with the innovative ideas of avant-garde thought and traditional aesthetics.

The opening show MISUITI, tracing the history of the Qin and Han Dynasties, will cross the three main lines "Expedition, operation and triumph" to the modern stage. "Golden Top Award" designers WU Xuewei and Wu Xuekai jointly create WU/D Youwu new series, which integrates the collection of plant branches and leaves, leaves and flowers, walnuts, etc. with the dyeing inheritance technology of intangible culture plants, and conveys natural sustainable aesthetics by combining artistic IP, intangible cultural elements and other cultural symbols. "Golden Top Award" designer Zhang Zhaoda and Zhang Kaihui created the "Weaving Love Action · Dating Genius Mother" charity fashion show & Weaving Love Action Conference, integrating six kinds of intangible cultural heritage handicraft - Qiang embroidery, maple fragrance dyeing, red embroidery, tin embroidery, Miao embroidery and Xilankapu with modern fashion.

 MOHANYUN continues the beauty of the national tide in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, and explores the fusion and collision of Oriental aesthetics and modern fashion trends through the image of Shen Cao Zhu Yu.

Life in the left season draws inspiration from Bai Juyi's "Song of Everlasting Regret", and exudes the imagination of classical poetry with "flower mothery makeup". Elements such as horse-face skirt, fragrant gauze, hand-knitted hook and blue dyed cloth shuttle freely in the historical and fashionable urban life scene. Jin Ba men's wear to the Chinese civilization originated root pulse - Central China, pick non - left bamboo weaving, Jun porcelain implication, dragon image design inspiration creative, in the Chinese civilization root pulse percussion Oriental bearing, with Chinese eggplant to tell why the dragon heir.

Young "10+3" designers are equally enamored with Eastern aesthetics. SHUXUAN G. This season uses Chinese intangible heritage soft gold scented cloud yarn combined with fan-shaped elements to tell the story of Nuwa, the first ancestor of Chinese civilization. PLAYTOP combines traditional Chinese armor with modern high-tech fiber, textile technology and human mechanics to design sports equipment for subdivisions. KIMUSSO draws elements from the story of the White Snake and presents the soft and hard spiritual core of the white snake and the green snake with elements such as leather and metal. 

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