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[Peace Chemical fiber reveals the physical properties of polypropylene high strength wire for you]
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What are the more prominent physical properties of polypropylene high strength wire, and peaceful chemical fiber for you to uncover.

1, polypropylene high strength wire is specially prepared, comparable to polyester, nylon industrial silk, and the strength is exactly the same in wet and dry conditions.

2, polypropylene high strength yarn density is small, cost-effective. The density of polypropylene is 0.919/cm ', which is only 66% of that of polyester (1.389/cma) and 80% of that of polyamide (1.149/cm3). Considering the price and density of silk, the cost of using polypropylene high-strength silk as raw material will be much lower than that of polyester or nylon industrial silk. In addition, due to the small moisture absorption of polypropylene (MO.1%), it is particularly suitable for Marine supplies and other products that require no moisture absorption.

3, polypropylene high strength filament wear resistance and flexibility

4, polypropylene high strength wiren mildew resistance. The reason is that polypropylene is not attacked by insects and bacteria.

5, polypropylene high-strength filament has good stability for chemicals. Because there is no active group in the molecular structure of polypropylene, the stability of acids, bases and other chemicals is very good, even better than polyester and nylon, so it is suitable for many chemical fields.

6. Polypropylene high strength filament is UV resistant. The light resistance of polypropylene itself is not good, but through the use of polypropylene slices with stabilizer, excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation degradation can be achieved, and the product is suitable for outdoor use. It is difficult to dye polypropylene fiber, but it has been solved by adding dyeing aid or stock solution coloring.

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