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[Open innovation to create new advantages in the garment industry]
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China is the world's largest garment producer and exporter, garment production capacity and international trade scale for many years has ranked first in the world. The China Textile Industry Council recently pointed out that China's current annual output of more than 70 billion garments, accounting for more than half of the world. In 2022, China's garment exports amounted to $182 billion, accounting for 31.7% of the global market share. The garment industry is the first industry in China to open up and develop and utilize foreign investment. It has been deeply integrated into the world and has become a crucial part of the global industrial chain and supply chain, greatly meeting the consumer demand of global consumers for high-quality and fashionable clothing.

In the past, opening up has been an important thrust for the transformation of China's garment industry from small to large. After the reform and opening up, the "three to one supplement" policy took the lead in the garment industry, Guangdong, Fujian and other southeast coastal areas rely on location advantages, overseas Chinese hometown advantages, make full use of this policy, quickly introduce overseas capital, equipment, design, etc., clothing factories mushroomed. China also seized the opportunity of the international textile and garment industry transfer, since the 1980s began to vigorously undertake and develop the textile and garment processing industry, and actively explore the international market. By the mid-1990s, China's garment output and export volume have jumped to the first place in the world, and basically established the status of the world's garment manufacturing and export power.

Now, opening up is the key element of China's garment industry to form an international competitive advantage. After more than 40 years of development, China has built the world's largest, the most complete chain, the most complete category of clothing industry system, with tens of millions of clothing design, production, sales and management subjects, science and technology, design, brand and other levels are increasing. Through "introduction" and "going out", the garment industry actively integrates into the global industrial chain supply chain pattern. On the one hand, thanks to high-quality industrial workers, perfect industrial support and a fast response supply chain system, many global first-line clothing brands have set up foundries in China, and local enterprises use various international factor resources to promote clothing products, brands and management upgrades. On the other hand, a number of high-quality clothing enterprises have laid out production and research and development bases overseas, established overseas marketing networks, and the rise of cross-border e-commerce has expanded the global sales market for clothing.

In the future, opening up is the only way for China's garment industry to lead the global development trend. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform has deepened, the trend of intelligent, green and integrated industrial system has become more obvious, the consumer market pattern is being reconstructed, and the global clothing industry is facing multiple changes. Intelligence profoundly changes the production mode of the industry and is a key path to improve production efficiency and adapt to individual needs. Green is the internal requirement of the industry to respond to the "double carbon" strategy, and is the fundamental direction to achieve sustainable development. Integration is highlighted by the cross-penetration of manufacturing and service, especially by design and culture enabling industries to increase added value and expand influence. Whether it is intelligent, green or integrated, it is necessary to efficiently use the elements of global innovation resources, adapt to the global green and low-carbon rules, and shape and transmit the brand cultural image for the world. Only by opening up, can China's garment industry walk in the forefront of The Times and lead the development trend.

China's garment industry has stepped on the road of high-quality development, and has generally entered the ranks of the world's garment manufacturing powers, but it has not yet become a garment fashion power leading the global development trend. In the global value chain, the United States, Europe and other developed countries to master the core brand, Japan and South Korea and other countries in the advanced fabric research and development and production of the leading position, Milan, Paris, New York, London still lead the global fashion design trend. In addition, there are few multinational enterprises in China's garment industry, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises accounts for nearly 90%, and many enterprises have the same products, weak technology, inefficient management, and not strong competitiveness. With the weakening of the comparative advantage of labor costs and the rise of trade barriers, the pace of the outward transfer of China's garment manufacturing links has accelerated, and the domestic garment industry must step up to the high-end links of the industrial chain.

Opening up and innovation to create new advantages in the garment industry must take the high-quality development path, rely on the advantages of the super-scale market, attract global resource elements with the domestic cycle, enhance the linkage effect of the two resources in the domestic and international markets, and promote the high-quality development of China's garment industry. It is necessary to strengthen innovation, support apparel enterprises to increase R&D investment and new product development efforts, connect with global innovation resources, apply advanced technology, equipment, materials, and processes, promote the wide application of automation, digitalization, and intelligent manufacturing equipment, and improve the development and manufacturing capacity of high-end apparel products. Accelerate the pace of globalization, guide clothing to expand global vision and international vision, comply with the trend of industrial transfer and industrial upgrading, take the initiative to optimize the layout of production and manufacturing links at home and abroad, support qualified clothing enterprises to build global research and development bases and overseas display stores and overseas warehouses, and use cross-border e-commerce advantages to build online and offline integrated sales networks. A resilient and competitive global supply chain will be formed. Promote the extension of the industrial chain, encourage clothing enterprises to strengthen original designs such as styles, images, fabric structures, and material combinations, and develop consumer-centered fashion, personalized, customized, and functional clothing. Increase the cultivation of independent brands, enhance the brand cultural connotation, promote national tide brands, and expand the global influence of Chinese clothing brands.

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