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[Peace popularization | What is anti-load clothing?]
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Anti-load clothing As the name suggests, clothing that resists the load. As we all know, pilots in the modern jet fighter tactical maneuvering action when the body will bear several times the weight of the load, in this case, if only rely on the fighter pilot's excellent physical condition is not enough to resist this load, in serious cases will appear black vision, loss of consciousness and even organ displacement.

The main parts of the anti-load suit are the human abdomen and lower limbs, which have inflatable air bags inside. When the pilot overload exceeds the standard, the pilot's abdomen and lower limbs can be compressed by inflating and expanding to prevent blood flow to the lower limbs, thus avoiding and reducing blackvision, fainting and other situations. It can not only create good conditions for the work of the central nervous system and the cerebral cortex of the human body, but also keep the internal organs in a certain position to prevent displacement.

Anti-load clothing design inspiration

Where did it come from?

Which brings us to giraffes.

Giraffe is currently the tallest animal in the world, standing five or six meters tall, but the neck accounts for one third, which causes the giraffe's head to be two or three meters away from the heart, in order to provide enough blood to the brain, relying on a heart weighing 11kg to give blood a high pressure, the arterial systolic blood pressure of about 300mm Hg, This means that blood pressure is nearly three times higher than normal in humans. High blood pressure is the most afraid of sudden bow, according to general analysis, when the giraffe bow to drink, the brain is lower than the heart, a large number of blood will flood into the brain, the blood pressure is increased, blood vessels like balloons burst, then the giraffe will bow to drink due to brain congestion or blood vessel rupture and other diseases to die.

But this is not the case. The giraffe has a magical switch in its neck veins called a valve. When it heads down, the valve automatically closes, preventing a lot of blood from rushing down, and when it heads up, the switch automatically turns on. In addition to the valves, the skin on the giraffe's body also plays a crucial role, tightening and tightening the blood vessels when the giraffe lowers its head, restricting the blood flow to the head, so that the blood vessels do not burst due to a sudden increase in blood pressure.

Through the in-depth study of the biological structure and gait of the giraffe, the designer successfully integrated the concept of bionics into the clothing design, creating anti-load clothing to protect the pilot, thus solving the discomfort and pain caused by brain ischemia when the super-high-speed fighter pilot suddenly accelerated climb, this successful case provides a striking example of the harmonious symbiosis of science and technology and nature. It is believed that in the near future, bionic design will show its unique value in more fields, and create more intelligent, comfortable and practical products for human beings.

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