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[Towards zero carbon, all actions are new! Green Fiber Products Trusted Platform Released Online]
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It has become the consensus of all mankind to vigorously develop a green and low-carbon circular economy and promote the construction of ecological civilization. The green development of China's textile and chemical fibers has always been at the forefront of the world. Recycled chemical fibers (also known as regenerated fibers) have gradually gained general acceptance and recognition among fabrics, brands and consumers as a representative of the industry to promote resource conservation and utilization. However, in the current recycled fiber market, the traceability chain is incomplete, shoddy products are used, the proportion is unclear, and the regulatory standards, test methods, and defective conversion standards are not uniform. Enterprises need to help the sustainable development of the industry through clearer paths and more effective identification methods and platforms. In this context, the Green Fiber Products Trusted Platform (STCP for short) came into being. As an important part of Ruibang China Fiber Zero Carbon Action 2022, the platform actively responds to the policies and guidelines of the country and the industry's green development, and contributes to the construction of ecological civilization and green sustainable development from the perspective of the fiber industry.

On January 17th, under the guidance of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and the Suzhou Wujiang District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, sponsored by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center, the theme of "Towards Zero Carbon, All Actions to New" The China Recycled Textile Industry Credibility System - Green Fiber Products Credible Platform Conference was held online. Jin Gaoling, deputy secretary general of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, Cao Xiuyu, head of platform operation of the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center, representatives of relevant domestic and foreign brands, representatives of many enterprises in the textile and chemical fiber industry chain, and media reporters attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jin Gaoling, Deputy Secretary General of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association.

The industry chain is united to make a voice for green fiber

In the industry chain interview, brand experts from the home furnishing and sports fields talked about the problems encountered in the procurement and use of recycled fibers and the expectations of downstream brands on the platform from the perspective of downstream terminals.

The representative of the domestic sports brand said that ecological environmental protection is the eternal theme of green development, and it is also the unshirkable social responsibility of the brand. Recycling is a long-term mechanism that benefits the country and the people. At present, the recycling methods of waste textiles generally include the recycling of waste clothing supported by the government, the spontaneous recycling of non-governmental organizations, and the independent recycling of brand clothing enterprises. The recycling rate of waste textiles in China is not high, and the dependence on basic raw materials is very high. The price of products is in a state of adjustment due to supply and demand, and the average production capacity of enterprises is too scattered, which are relatively big problems encountered by clothing brands. He believes that the current industry's publicity on the recycling of waste textiles is not enough, and enterprises and consumers lack the awareness and ability to participate. The recycling of textiles and clothing requires the active participation and action of the whole society and citizens. In the future, the brand side will continue to take the low-carbon road, and will work with the platform to promote the sustainable development of the textile industry and the transformation of the supply chain, and to speak for green fibers together.

The representative of the international home furnishing brand said that he has been in charge of the social responsibility audit in China and the sustainable development of the procurement of the global comfort product group for nearly 20 years. As a leading global home furnishing brand enterprise, it focuses on tracing the source data, and a good system for data analysis. is very important. The trusted platform for green fiber products enables terminal manufacturers to have evidence to follow in the face of inquiries from domestic and international brands, which greatly strengthens brand data management and control. He said that energy conservation and emission reduction are part of the "two-carbon" goal, and renewable and recyclable materials are also an important part of it.

Another representative of an international sports brand said that the traceability system of a transparent supply chain can be solved through a trusted platform for green fiber products, and it can communicate with international big brands through digital means. Organically combine digitization with sustainable development and green environmental protection, and present the traceability chain in front of consumers. The platform achieves complete transparency from the consumer end to the manufacturing end, which is a very big breakthrough and a favorable way to convince consumers.

He believes that the platform can be led by the brand, fully connect the transparent supply chain under the overall planning of the brand, incorporate brand requirements into product development, and finally empower products, develop popular models, and help brands sell and drive the market. share, and ultimately a win-win situation. He expects the platform to increase brand added value, improve development efficiency, increase product added value, and build brand stickiness.

In the lively online question and answer session, representatives of various enterprises participated actively, and the atmosphere of on-site communication was warm.

At the end of the conference, Jin Gaoling, deputy secretary-general of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, said that during the China International Textile Yarn (Spring and Summer) Exhibition held in April this year, the trusted platform for green fiber products will hold an offline conference to let We will wait and see.

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