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[Is it easy to damage the high -strength silk in the use?]
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Polypropylene fabric made of polypropylene silk has good strength and wear resistance, and clothing is firm and durable; Polypropylene fabric made of polypropylene filament is corrosion resistant. Polypropylene high strength wire can be widely used in the market of luggage ribbon. It has good advantages such as high strength, anti-aging, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and its relatively light weight, which is widely used in the fields of woven geotextiles, packaging bags, fire hoses, seat belts and so on. It can completely replace polyester as a new chemical fiber material.

Polypropylene high strength wire is actually one of the chemical fiber products we often say, it has very good use characteristics, it is very convenient to use, but also very convenient to carry, simple operation, not easy to damage, not easy to wear, can work for a long time is our chemical fiber materials will often use a product.

We should know that polypropylene silk itself is not puffed feel like knitting sweater wool, in order to better play the filtering effect in water treatment, polypropylene silk needs to go through some puffed things, may be the color of white and color two, Because he uses its own surface adhesion of a large number of biological groups are filled in sewage repeated contact is not easy to precipitation removal of small suspended undercurrent and organic degradation to achieve a purification purpose, its application in our life has been very important, for us also brought a lot of help.

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