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[RCEP "small certificate" helps the great development of textile and apparel]
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Cutting, sewing, bagging... The workshop of Guoqiao (Shenzhen) Industrial Co., LTD. Is a busy scene. Guoqiao Industry is a non-woven fabric and product production enterprises, products are mainly isolation clothes and production bags. "After the implementation of RCEP, our factory increased a lot of orders from Japan, with exports to Japan up 21 percent year on year as of the end of July. With the advantages of low tariffs combined with market demand, the company is confident about its future overseas." National Bridge industry customs agent Yan said.

According to statistics, from January to July this year, Shenzhen Customs issued 2,400 RCEP certificates of origin for textile and garment export enterprises in the customs area, involving a value of 99.847 million yuan.

Since the beginning of this year, Shenzhen Customs has focused on key industries to optimize origin management services and made every effort to promote the implementation of RCEP policies. "This year, we made a breakthrough by using RCEP certificates of origin to export clothes to the Japanese market." Shenzhen Huasi Enterprise Co., LTD. Ms. Jiang introduced. Under the RECP agreement, the tax rate of the company's products exported to Japan has been reduced from 16% to 8.2%, which is obviously beneficial to the company. This will greatly help to increase the pricing power of products and enhance the market competitiveness.

Shenzhen customs relevant controller introduces, the current our country textile clothing industry is at a critical period of transformation and upgrading, the human cost of rising and outsourcing processing production enterprise if can make full use of the preferential policies of the RCEP, reasonable tariffs cost to reduce the textile clothing industry, stimulate the textile clothing industry development potential, It is of positive significance to optimize the layout of low-end production and upstream design in the region.

To this end, Shenzhen Customs extensively carried out RCEP tariff concession, rules of origin and other policies for textile and garment enterprises under its jurisdiction through the combination of "online + offline", on-site service window guidance, scanning code query and answer, etc. In light of the actual needs of enterprises, the Customs has printed a list of Japan's tax cuts for the textile and apparel industries and sent it to enterprises exporting to Japan in a targeted way to help them understand RCEP policies and enjoy benefits.

Shenzhen Customs has vigorously promoted intelligent verification and self-printing of RCEP certificates of origin to further improve the audit efficiency. Shenzhen RCEP Service Center is jointly established with Shenzhen Commerce Bureau, Municipal Trade Promotion Commission, Municipal Justice Bureau and Shenzhen International Court of Arbitration to better serve textile and garment enterprises.

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