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On the afternoon of June 7, the reporter learned about the development of the textile and garment industry in our city at the press conference of the smart textile industry. In view of the key direction of future industrial development and specific promotion measures, Sun Yixiu, member of the Party group of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, answered questions from reporters.

At present, affected by multiple adverse factors such as sluggish export demand, insufficient orders and falling prices of main products, the supply and demand ends of the textile and garment industry in our city are still under continuous pressure. In the next step, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology will continue to give full play to the existing foundation and advantages of the textile and garment industry in our city, fully promote the construction of "world-class home textile industry cluster pilot zone", further optimize the industrial system, release the momentum of fashion, and encourage and guide textile and garment enterprises to transform the traditional advantages of the industry into market competitive advantages and the ability to resist various risks. Promote the textile and garment industry to the creative fashion industry "butterfly transformation". We will do our work in the following four areas:

Take the lead of innovation and work hard to improve the added value of the industry. Innovation is the primary driving force for high-quality industrial development. Always adhere to the guidance of innovation, vigorously develop key segments such as textile new materials and new product research and development, high-end home textile intelligent manufacturing, medical and medical materials, and accelerate the restructuring of the industrial chain. On August 30 last year, the medical and health branch of China Industrial Textile Industry Association was established in Binzhou, pleasant Group Chairman Liu Yuexing was elected as the first president of the Council, but also officially announced that our city has realized the leap from textile manufacturing to life and health manufacturing, and the industrial chain is further extended.

Grasp the brand building, and work hard to enhance the industry awareness. Strengthen brand building, actively guide enterprises to participate in the revision of industry national standards, and strive to build a "Binzhou textile" regional brand. Focus on brand clothing, creative design, high-end home textiles and other segments, accelerate the development of fashion, branding, personalized direction. Actively organize textile enterprises to participate in a series of exhibitions, help enterprises promote, grab orders, carry out industrial investment, constantly expand development space, and strive to build the world's intelligent textile industry base.

Grasp digital empowerment, and work hard to enhance industrial intelligence. Guide textile and garment enterprises to grasp the development trend of the digital economy, accelerate the deep integration with the digital economy, build intelligent production lines, and promote the construction of smart factories. Key enterprises such as Weiqiao Textile and Huafang are encouraged to transform from intelligent manufacturing to intelligent service, drive the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry in the city, and improve the overall efficiency of the industry.

Focus on serving enterprises and work hard to optimize industrial ecology. Support the development of associations, connect enterprises for cooperation, bridge business production and marketing, and promote the complementary advantages of enterprises in the industry, resource sharing, and strengthen cooperation. Deepen the evaluation reform of "per mu yield benefit", implement differentiated policies, encourage and guide factor indicators to gather in the textile and garment industry, and go all out to help key enterprises develop and grow.

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