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[The national textile and garment intelligent Manufacturing Industry and education Integration Community was established]
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On January 10, the Jiangsu Textile and Garment Industry Innovation and Development Conference was held in Changshu to better gather industry consensus, build a platform for industry cooperation and exchange, and seek a better future for the high-quality development of the textile and garment industry. At the meeting, Jiangsu Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce was established.

Jiangsu Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce formerly known as the Garment Chamber of Commerce of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, is one of the earliest directly affiliated chambers of commerce of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, currently has more than 200 member enterprises, Bosideng Group as the president of the unit. The Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing enterprises with diversified and distinctive services in financial services, training and learning, industrial resources docking and other aspects, and has been awarded the provincial Four good Chamber of Commerce, the provincial genuine goods demonstration industry, and the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Social situation and public opinion Information Base.

At the meeting, the textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce of Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce, Suzhou Garment Chamber of Commerce, and Changshu Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce were jointly initiated to establish a joint construction mechanism of chambers of commerce. The three chambers of commerce held a signing ceremony. Changshu Textile and Garment Association and Shandong Wenshang County Industry and Information Bureau signed the "Changshu City Autumn and winter garment industry Cluster, Wenshang County garment Industry Cluster Alliance Framework Agreement".

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