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[The roundtable "Fashion and Sustainability: Creating a Green Future" was held in Panyu, Guangzhou]
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On the afternoon of April 17th, as a major activity of the 2024 Guangdong Fashion Week-Spring, the roundtable "Fashion and Sustainability: Creating a Green Future" was held in Panyu, Guangzhou.

The conference was sponsored by Guangdong Garment Industry Association and Guangdong Garment Designers Association, co-sponsored by the Committee of Nancun General Chamber of Commerce, Panyu District Nancun General Chamber of Commerce, Nancun General Chamber of Commerce apparel Industry Association, hosted by Guangdong Fashion Apparel Industry Economic Research Institute, Dongguan Factory Inspection home Quality Technical Service Co., LTD., Zhihe (Chongqing) Low carbon Technology Co., LTD. Government leaders, leading brands, quality supply chain companies, and industry experts gathered together to discuss the sustainable future of the fashion industry, offer suggestions for green fashion, and jointly release the Sustainable Fashion · Panyu Consensus.

Green consensus released to jointly build a new state

At present, the state has put forward that "developing new quality productive forces is an inherent requirement and an important focus for promoting high-quality development." The construction of a modern textile and garment industrial system, the development of new quality productivity, and the promotion of new industrialization have become the primary task of the industry. The development of green productivity characterized by low carbon, resource efficiency and social inclusion, and the formation of green products, green formats and green values in the emergence of technologies are the key to building sustainable industrial competitiveness and future discourse power.

Liu Yueping, president of Guangdong Garment Industry Association, said that Guangdong, as a large province of clothing in China, has the necessity, foundation and strength to be the leader and practitioner of green fashion. The holding of this conference is of great significance, through the establishment of a platform to gather forces from all parties, explore the path of sustainable development, and effectively promote the integration of Guangdong clothing into the overall situation of sustainable development.

On the same day, under the initiative of Guangdong Garment Industry Association, the participants jointly issued the "Sustainable Fashion · Panyu Consensus", calling on the whole industry to respond to the call, embrace innovation, and take positive actions to contribute Guangdong's garment power to sustainable fashion.

Suggestions for green fashion to help industrial transformation

Under the background of the national dual-carbon strategy, how to guide the fashion industry with the new development concept, integrate into the general trend of The Times, base on China's reality, beautify people's lives, serve global development, build an innovation-driven science and technology industry, a culture-led fashion industry, a responsibility-oriented green industry, and achieve sustainable development is the common concern of the textile and garment industry in the new era. This conference especially gathers the wisdom of all parties, invites many representatives to exchange and promote excellent practice experience, advocates green fashion and social responsibility, and promotes the sustainable development of the fashion industry with multi-angle, deep-seated and referable content.

In the theme sharing session, Professor Erin Cho, Dean of the School of Fashion and Textile of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Professor of Integrated Strategy and Leadership of Liman Fashion, presented the professional content of "Technology supports sustainable consumption", explained the nature of sustainable development of fashion from the perspective of consumption, and believed that the fashion industry can start from new materials. Using innovative sustainable fabrics to replace traditional resource-intensive fabrics, to provide consumers with more green choices, and actively play the important role of digital media in shaping consumer choices and industry practices, to convey green concepts to consumers, market-oriented analysis of industrial development direction.

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